Alternate Advertising For Startup Businesses

By July 1, 2013 May 22nd, 2015 Business

There are countless new businesses that are put up across the world every single day, but have you ever wondered how many of them are able to make it to the market? No, well it is not a tough guess and I presume that by now you have guessed that one. Yes, you are right there are a very few business ideas that translate to some tangible gains and more often than not, it is due to the lack of proper brand promotion and innovative advertisements that spells the death knell for a business. However unique the business might be it simply would not work if you do not have a market for your goods or services and only thing that helps you to develop a market is the right amount of public exposure.

All the established businesses can go to any length when it comes to marketing their products, they won’t really mind to part with stellar sums of money as long as the campaign works for them. But the point is what can a startup company can do, to survive the backlash of a highly competitive market. On one hand a limited budget does not allow a small company to go for some zillion dollar advertising campaign while on the other hand marketing is the only tool that might get it through. The need for market exposure for a small startup company is paramount as it desperately needs to carve its niche in the market.

All of you must have heard of Billy the walking billboard who sold the space on his face to different companies and got the names of companies tattooed on his face. No, I am not advising you get the name of your company tattooed on your face but you could use the idea in more humane and rational manner. If you are a startup entrepreneur with limited investment capital you could try using a human banner. It is a highly cost-efficient method of advertising where the people hold signs or banners that contain advertising messages in high-traffic areas of the city. The advertisements may be worn as clothing or tattooed on the body. Personals who hold these advertisements are known as human directionals or sign walkers. You can also try balloon walkers who just walk, spin or dance with the promotional material to attract eyeballs. They also carry light weight backpacks which are LED illuminated. All these transitional methods of advertising are high impact and provide a right amount of exposure.