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Small Businesses Owners Make More Money When You Have A Website

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We are living in 2012, practically everyone is using the internet, can we agree on this? Great! Now that we have covered that lets look into Internet and Small Businesses and Website Design for Small Businesses shall we?

A recent study shows interesting statistics on small businesses and the internet, to be exact small businesses with or without websites.

The study reveals that 49% of small businesses currently have a website. Now that is all fine and dandy but if we look a little bit more in depth we can see very interesting statistics:

The percentage of businesses that have a website by their annual sales size:

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Beware of Greedy Amateur Designers

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Although the vast majority of designers are honest and hard working people, there are some things to watch out for to make sure your experience is a good one. There are some phony designers who might make bold claims but who are simply amateurs that will over promise and/or over cheap prices but inevitably they will under deliver or drag your project out for a very long time. Another concern is that there are many designers who claim to be qualified in areas that they only have minimal knowledge on. Choose your designer carefully and voice these problems by checking their portfolio thoroughly. I’ve seen some that will go as far as claiming other designers with better quality work as their own.

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