Designing Flyers for a Mobile Car Washing Business

By September 24, 2012 Blog, Print Design

When designing Flyers for a mobile car wash business it pays to consider the quote; Keep It Simple Stupid! There are a few other things to consider as well. Your phone number should be at the top and bold. The Flyers should be on card stock paper. The Flyers should be a bright color but not fluorescent.

The shape and size of the flier should be a unique area. For instance it should not be a half sheet of paper or a whole sheet of paper. A third of a sheet of paper might be better or something less than a quarter sheet of paper.

You should be careful when pricing because some people have extra dirty cars and if you put on your flier that a vacuum is three dollars or five dollars then you might find yourself vacuuming out the back of a minivan of a customer that has three small children and two Irish setters which has not been vacuumed for three years.

You might also be surprised how long the shelf life of these fliers can last. We have seen flyers come back three or four years after we handed them out. People put them under their desk or in a drawer or in the glove box and then they find them. If you’re not careful with your pricing you may be very sorry that you’re washing someone’s car for only five dollars, which was an introductory offer five years ago.

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