Small Businesses Owners Make More Money When You Have A Website

By January 9, 2012 April 10th, 2012 Blog, Web Design

We are living in 2012, practically everyone is using the internet, can we agree on this? Great! Now that we have covered that lets look into Internet and Small Businesses and Website Design for Small Businesses shall we?

A recent study shows interesting statistics on small businesses and the internet, to be exact small businesses with or without websites.

The study reveals that 49% of small businesses currently have a website. Now that is all fine and dandy but if we look a little bit more in depth we can see very interesting statistics:

The percentage of businesses that have a website by their annual sales size:

45% of companies that make $100k-$499k a year have a website.
49% of companies that make $500k-$999k a year have a website.
69% of companies that make $1.0 Million-$2.49 Million a year have a website.
67% of companies that make $2.5 Million-$4.49 Million a year have a website.
73% of companies that make $5.0 Million-$10.0 Million a year have a website.

So what can we learn from this? The more money a company makes, the more prone they are to have a website? Or looking at it from a different angle we can see that if you want to make big money with your business you are most likely in need of website design for your small business.

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Having a website for your small business will help gain you new business from the Internet, and lets be honest, most people will be searching for your type of product or service on the internet. Why? Because it is just way easier then flipping through the yellowpages or any other form of finding products and services.

Finding successful website design for small businesses isn’t very difficult and isn’t expensive at all these days. You don’t really need to know anything about the internet or building a website to make this happen, you just need to find the right company or resource that can build you a quality website for an affordable price and let them do all the technical stuff.

If your small business isn’t on the internet today then you are losing money every passing day, think about that.