The Importance of Having A Mobile Website for A Small Business

By January 8, 2012 April 10th, 2012 Blog, Business, Web Design

Over the last few years or so, the importance of mobile websites has increased rapidly. With more and more mobile handsets becoming internet enabled, web users expect to be able to use the internet whenever and wherever they like. Unfortunately however not all handsets are yet provided computer standard browsing experience, and for those that are, limited screen space means that some websites are not most enjoyable to browse via mobile. If you have a small business, designing and developing an effective mobile website is key to providing your customers with a flawless web experience that they will return to again and again. Plus, it ensures that customers can find out about your business services and products with less hassle when on the go.

Here are a few other reasons a mobile website is important to any small business and its customers:

Instant Gratification & Convenience for Customers

In a web and media obsessed society where people are always busy,customers are increasingly eager to be entertained or informed at every-time of the day. Previously mundane periods of time (such as waiting for public transport) can now be filled with stimulation via the internet on our mobiles. If mobile users choose to visit yourbusiness website they will be hoping to find what they need as quickly as possible. Developing a site that is hassle-free and convenient is key to providing your customers the instant gratification they are looking for, whether this is latest news, info, contact details or product prices. Over complicated web experiences, such as using full-scale sites from a mobile handset, can see mobile users go elsewhere.

Business Promotion

Whenever there is a new marketing craze or web development there is a new way to promote your small business. Using a mobile website can be a clear and easy way to promote new offers and information to both potential and existing customers and clients.

Customer Engagement & Keeping Customers Updated

With a mobile website in place small businesses can benefit from another channel to offer customers new content and products. For example, featuring a blog or newsfeed on your mobile website can encourage mobile users to return to your site over and over again for new and engaging resources. Continually updating offers and deals via your mobile website can be an important practice in broadening your customer base and promoting your services.

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