Why HTML5 vs Flash Is Nonsense

By August 12, 2012 Blog, Web Design

Came across an interesting article today about the HTML5 vs Flash debate:

HTML5 is a hot topic, which is a good thing. The problem is that 99% of what’s been written has been about HTML5 replacing Flash. Why is that a problem? Because not only is it irrelevant, but also it prevents you from seeing the big picture about interoperability.

But first things first. A few facts:

  • You do not build a web site in Flash. The only way to build a website is to use HTML pages, and then to embed Flash elements in them.
  • Flash as been around for more than 12 years. It is a de facto standard for the publishing industry. (No Flash = no advanced features in banners).
  • HTML5 does not officially exist (yet). Rather, it’s a specification in working draft, scheduled for publication in 2014.
  • Less than half of installed browsers are HTML5 compliant, with different levels of compliance.
  • The video element in HTML5 is perfect for basic video players, but Flash and Silverlight are much more suitable for advanced video feature (streaming, caption, interactive features and miscellaneous video effects).

These are not interpretations or opinions. These are facts. The truth is writing about the agony of Flash is an easy way to draw readers, a much easier way than to adopt a nuanced stance. And this is why we read so many garbage about HTML5 vs. Flash.

Read the rest of the article over at Forbes.com

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